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In the current Issue

Here are the stories covered in the September/October 2013 issue of Motor Law. To obtain a free copy of the current issue, and details of how to subscribe, contact us.

  • Lead story: OFT on draft Consumer Rights Bill and other proposals
  • Consumer: Review of consumer protection co-operation - Prize promotions - 'Made in EU' - NFDA on consumer credit
  • Litigation: The consequences of not mediating
  • Competition: Spain: price-fixing in car market - Lookers merger with Shields - Parts supply: antitrust investigations
  • Intellectual Property: South Africa: no spares protection
  • Technical: CO2: Germany wants transition - Commission's Daimler dilemma - EU van emission targets move forward - MEPs resist vehicle noise limits
  • Employment: Restrictive covenants: wide but valid
  • Dealer agreements: US: No breach of truck dealer contracts
  • Road traffic: CCTV for parking to be outlawed - Persistent fuel thieves will be prosecuted
  • Data protection: compensation for breachof Act
  • Corporate: Phoenix: report of disciplinary hearing - Cooper Tire appeals merfer ruling - Germany wins legal battle with EU over Volkswagen law
  • Legislation watch
  • The Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 (Prescribed Documents and Information for Verification of Name and Address) Regulations

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